Etched Glass

We’ve supplied homes in Massachusetts with bespoke etched glass ever since we were first established in 1994. All our glass is created to order so we can create glass to suit your home perfectly.

What designs do we offer?

Within our etched glass main gallery, you’ll find everything from elegant etched house names and numbers to traditional Victorian etched designs. A firm favourite among our clients in Massachusetts is our Shadows of Nature range, where we capture the beauty of the natural world within an etched glass panel. We also offer etched designs inspired by designers Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. These are just a few highlights from our etched glass main gallery, so whether you’re looking for something contemporary, traditional or maybe a little different, you’re sure to find the perfect glass for your Massachusetts home.

We can even produce bespoke designs if you have your own artwork or imagery you would like us to use. Here is a guide to explain what imagery is suitable for etching.

Shadows of Nature - Spring Tree (on stippolyte glass)

How to order from us?

If you require standard rectangular glass for a door, you can browse our etched designs, once you’ve found one you like, input your requirements and add it to cart. After you’ve gone through the checkout process and placed your order, we will begin the proofing process which you can read about below.

If you require glass for a window or irregular shaped glass for a door, browse our etched glass gallery, once you’ve found a design you like, head on over to our contact form with your approximate glass sizes (and description of your irregular shaped glass if applicable) and request a quote. If you want to proceed with the order, we’ll then send you the details to pay and fill out an order form. Once we have received both payment and your completed order form, your order will be placed and we will begin the proofing process which you can read about below.

Proofing process

When you place an order with us, whether you request it or not, we will always produce a proof to show you how the chosen design(s) will look in your custom glass sizes. You will receive this via email, usually within 5 working days of the order being placed. 

Once you receive your proof, you can either approve it and we begin production, or you can request any amendments to the design you may require. This might be resizing some elements or adding/removing some leaves or butterflies from a design etc. Only when the design is perfect and you give us your approval will we begin production.

We offer free delivery on almost all etched glass panels we supply to homes throughout Massachusetts and the USA. Our decorative glass studio also supplies fused glass to Massachusetts as well.

Traditional Etched Glass doors

About Etched Glass

Etched glass is one of the oldest forms of decorative glass dating back to the 15th century. Over the years, the manufacturing process has evolved as you can imagine and creative designs have pushed the boundaries of what is possible – likely contributing to the surge in popularity over the last decade or so. Etched glass today is often achieved using an abrasive or acidic substance to etch a design onto a glass panel.

Etched house name with decorative border

How do we etch glass?

Our etched glass is produced using the abrasive-blasting technique, otherwise known as sandblasting. We use this technique for a variety of reasons:

  • It ensures our etched glass finish is consistent and of the highest quality.
  • It enables us to offer a wide variety of highly detailed designs and even bespoke designs to our clients.
  • It allows light to transmit through better than alternatives like acid etched glass.
  • It avoids the health and safety issues associated with using hazardous acid to etch glass.

Our Process

We begin by cutting a mask to shape and overlay it onto what will become the etched face of the panel. This masks the area of the glass that we want to protect from being etched. We then put the glass into a sandblasting chamber and fire a pressurized abrasive (sand-like) substance at high speed evenly across the panel. When the panel’s surface has been fully etched, we remove the temporary mask which reveals the un-etched, clear sections of the design. For single glazed glass, we then apply a protective sandblast coating to the etched side of the panel to help protect against fingerprints. On double glazed panels, the protective coating isn’t required as the etched side of the panel is contained within the double glazed unit.

Close up of etched glass coat of arms

What to avoid when buying etched glass

Some companies claim they offer “etched glass” when they actually just apply what are essentially “etched-effect” vinyl stickers to glass, so no ‘etching’ has actually taken place. These stickers can shrink and discolour when exposed to sunlight so they end up looking a murky yellow colour. If a company offers screen-printed ‘etched glass effect’ panels, be aware that this suffers from exactly the same discolouration issue over time.

We produce our panels the right way, by sandblasting them to ensure that the high quality etched finish is permanent. You should always ensure you are paying for a quality sandblasted etched glass product to avoid disappointment. You can see the issues people run into with fake etched glass here.

House Names and Numbers

Etched glass house names and numbers are a popular choice for transom windows among our Massachusetts clients, and it’s easy to see why. The finish is superb and it can easily transform the entryway of a property, adding a much sought aura of elegance. Our glass artists produce hundreds of these panels every year for customers around the world.

Many homes in Massachusetts will have an area above their doors which is called a transom window, this can be the ideal place to display an etched house name or number. If your home has one of these transom windows, you can choose from our house names and numbers gallery to find the perfect design to compliment your home. – See if full process of choosing unique borders can be automated

of font’s and decorative borders to create your perfect etched panel. If requested, we can also produce matching door panels or side panels.

Again, when you place your order, we will send you a proof of how the finished panel(s) will look to make sure you’re 100% happy with your design choices.

Various etched house name and number panels

Looking for something with a bit of colour?

Our fused glass combines the sleek elegance of etched glass with our eye-catching range of fused glass tiles. We make every fused tile right here in our decorative glass studio, cutting the glass pieces by hand and fusing them with precision in our very own kiln. Head on over to our fused glass main gallery to see our range of designs.

Tree of Life (Fused Glass)


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