What is real etched glass?

The trick to knowing if etched glass is real or not is to ask yourself, has the design truly been “etched” into the glass? If the answer is yes, then it is real etched glass. The etching could have been done through the abrasive-blasting technique, otherwise known as sandblasting. This is where a highly pressurized abrasive (sand-like) substance is fired at glass to etch a chosen design into it. This is how we manufacture all of our etched glass.

What to avoid when buying etched glass?

Many companies offer what they call “etched glass” as a product, but in reality no “etching” has actually taken place. They instead use stickers or screen-print a design onto glass. This not only results in a worse finish than real etched glass, but it can lead to a whole manner of problems for customers further down the line. These range from stickers shrinking over the years to discolouration from sunlight which can end in ‘yellowed’ panels as you can see below.

Screen-printed glass as advertised
Screen-printed glass after a few years of discoloration