Etched Glass Window Blue Square Fused Tiles – Los Angeles

A client in Los Angeles, California had recently moved into a new property and was undertaking a large home renovation project. As part of the project they wanted to introduce some etched glass into their bathroom but also wanted some color in the panel. They therefore decided to go for etched glass with fused tiles. We corresponded over email a few times making amendments to the proof to select their preferred combination of colors for the fused tiles and added a border to the design. This is the final proof we sent to them which they approved.

All white areas in the proof are clear while all grey areas are etched. The dashed line represents the clients visible sizes – this is the area of the glass that is visible when the glass is fitted, ie the area not covered by beading. We created the final panel with 4mm toughened safety glass which we use as standard for all orders.

Every order placed with us will receive a proof like this for approval before production begins.