Etched Glass Window Horse Design – Jacksonville

A client approached us with a photo of a horse design which she wanted to use to create three etched glass panels for her home in Jacksonville, Florida. She had grown up riding and caring for horses so she wanted to reflect this cherished part of her childhood in her home. The artwork she provided was suitable for us to work with so we digitally recreated her design and showed her a proof of how the finished panels would look. She asked to see a few versions of the design with the horse sized differently and a with two horses looking at each other. In the end, she settled on the design shown on this page with the one horse. She was extremely happy with the finished panels and has told us her daughter who shares her passion for horses loves them too.

This proof was approved by the client in Jacksonville, Florida before production began on her glass. All sections that are grey are etched (sandblasted), all sections that are white are clear glass.

Every order placed with us will receive a proof like this for approval before production begins.

Jacksonville, Florida