Etched Glass Transom Windows – New York

We received a commission from a client in New York to craft bespoke etched glass for a pair of transom windows in his home—one internal and one external. Although he’d found a design he liked, he was uncertain about whether he wanted just the border or the entire design. To assist him in making a decision, we created a proof with four versions: one featuring only the border and three others with different centerpieces. This approach allowed him to visualize how the transom lites would appear in various styles, ultimately leading him to select version C. We produced two etched panels incorporating the version C design and sealed one into a double-glazed unit as per his request. Upon receiving the glass, he expressed how happy he was with what we produced and subsequently placed another order for a transom lite based on the version B design for his pantry.

Every order placed with us will receive a proof like this for approval before production begins.

Putnam County, New York