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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to receive my proof?

You will receive your proof showing the chosen design(s) in your glass sizes approximately 1 week after placing your order.

What if something doesn't look right on my proof?

If anything needs amending on your proof, just let us know in reply to the email and we'll re-draft the proof as many times as necessary for you to be 100% happy with it. Only then will we begin production.

What happens if the glass arrives damaged?

We assume all responsibility for getting the glass to you safely so if on the very rare occasion a panel is damaged in transit, we fast-track a replacement free of charge.

How will I receive my proof?

We will send your proof directly to your email address provided during checkout so make sure it is correct. Keep an eye on your junk folder and if an email from us lands there, be sure to mark it as "not junk".

How will my glass arrive?

Your glass will arrive in a carefully packaged box or on larger orders, multiple boxes. We make these boxes in-house based on your glass sizes to ensure the glass is well protected during transit from our studio to your home.

Will I have to pay import tax?

We're based in the UK so its possible you may pay import tax when your glass arrives in your country. This varies from country to country and in the USA, from state to state, so you'll have to confirm this yourself and pay any import fees the delivery incurrs.

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